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The Ultimate Guide: How to Use Salmon Oil For Dogs?

Salmon oil is finding its way into everyday consumption in both dogs and humans. More and more pet parents are using salmon oil for their pets and report excellent benefits. But the key question is, how do pet parents best use salmon oil for dogs?

It is one of the best sources of omegas, and it can contribute to therapeutic or prophylactic effects in dogs. If you offer your dog fish oil pills or salmon oil, it will rather take the salmon oil, obviously! 

Salmon oil for dogs can improve immunity and mobility and lead to a healthier coat.  

Let’s dig deeper and discover how to use salmon oil for dogs!

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What is Salmon Oil for Dogs?

Salmon oil is one of the best supplements on the market for both humans and dogs. Many people use salmon oil because they lack some nutrients in their diet. 

It consists of healthy fish fats – omega-3 fatty acids. Dogs are not the biggest fish fans, so salmon oil supplementation can only improve their overall health. 

Salmon oil consists of the following omegas: 

  • EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid)
  • DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)
  • ALA (alpha lipoic acid)

The fact that dogs cannot produce any of the salmon’s nutrients is another sign to start giving your pet this delicious supplement. 

We understand that experimenting with your pet’s diet can be risky and challenging. But this is not the case with salmon oil for dogs. 

You need to find a reputable brand like Brilliant Salmon Oil, and your pet will love every bite of the food with the oil on top. 

Top tip: Be aware of the label’s ingredients when choosing a reputable brand. If the content of DHA and EPA is hidden, that’s not the best choice for your pet.

Also, ensure to consult with your veterinarian about the safety of salmon oil for your pet. Some dogs are not the best candidates for supplements, no matter the benefits of it.  

Side note: Always consult with a professional before adding any supplement. The veterinarian can help you identify the correct dose for your pup

In general, salmon oil has a delicious fresh taste that almost all dogs like. 

Main Benefits of Salmon Oil

Supplements for pets are becoming very popular. And no, pet parents don’t give supplements only to sick animals. 

They tend to make it their daily habit because maintaining a balanced and healthy diet for our pets is extremely important. 

Let’s cover some of the main benefits of salmon oil: 

Improved mobility

Salmon oil is excellent for active dogs because it can lead to improved joint lubrication and movement. 

But dogs with arthritic issues are also great candidates for salmon oil consumption. 

For example, dogs with osteoarthritis should consume omegas every day. 

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Dogs with arthritis that consume omegas can improve their movement and decrease lameness. According to studies, these dogs can get better faster than unsupplemented dogs. 

Omegas will help in alleviating the inflammation process in the problematic joints. 

It is usual for aging dogs to develop mobility issues. That is why omega supplementation is always a great idea.  

Side note: Large dog breeds can develop this issue much faster than small and medium dogs. The reason behind it is their fast physical changes.

Allergy alleviation 

Omegas from salmon oil create an extra layer on the skin, which helps in moisturizing. 

Usually, allergic dogs can alert you with their excessive itching. But this does not necessarily mean allergies. Sometimes, it is a sign of pruritus. 

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Be aware that you must help your pet when you notice excessive itching because it can lead to secondary wounds. These secondary wounds can significantly damage your pet’s skin and might be painful. 

You must distinguish between skin and respiratory allergies. During respiratory allergies, your pet struggles with breathing. 

In these cases, there is an inflammatory process ongoing. But the good news is that salmon oil and its omegas can also alleviate inflammatory processes with its antioxidants. 

Warning: Full recovery from allergies can be seen with antihistaminic remedies. Omegas and salmon oil should be used only as a supportive treatment.

Shiny coat and moisturized skin 

Most pet parents notice shiny coats on their pets only after 2-4 weeks of using it. According to studies, similar results are visible – better skin and coat are visible after 28 days. 

Brilliant’s customers report that their pet’s coat combs out easier, and they notice less dead fur. 

Because omegas add one extra layer to the skin, it reduces the chances of itchiness and dryness. This leads to a shinier coat. 

Additionally, salmon oil can improve the overall skin integrity, and you can notice softer paws on your buddy. 

Having a healthy coat is especially important during spring. Fleas and ticks love dirty coats, and they can harm your dog’s health. 

Sometimes, using anti-flea collars is not enough. Therefore, grooming and maintaining a clean coat is extremely important!  

Boosted immunity and increased appetite

Salmon oil is a marine product on the market that more and more pet parents are appreciating the benefits of.

Brilliant Salmon Oil is made with OmeGo, which has been scientifically proven as fresh, clean, and an effective immunity booster. Its incredible journey from “fjord to bottle” makes this product an excellent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant remedy. 

Its full spectrum profile of omegas and fatty acids can help with gastrointestinal issues in dogs. They can also contribute to a healthy weight due to their antiobesity effects and insulin-reducing sensitivity. 

Salmon oil can benefit aging dogs especially because omegas can support their metabolism. 

Salmon oil for pregnant dogs

It is scientifically proven that pregnant dogs that consume omegas have better-developed puppies. This means better cognitive and neurological development. 

We believe that if you read this, it won’t mean much to you, but this can make the training process for your puppy easier. These dogs can learn commands faster than the litters of pregnant dogs that didn’t consume omegas. 

But that’s not all! Consuming omegas during pregnancy can improve the litter’s eye health. Omegas are especially good in treating inflammatory eye health issues.

Other benefits of salmon oil 

There are a few other important health benefits to consider when giving salmon oil to your dogs or cats:

  • Improved cognitive function 
  • Eye health support 
  • Improved cardiovascular health 

Lastly, salmon oil can enhance healthy heart function. Additionally, its omegas can lower triglyceride levels. 

How to Use Salmon Oil for Dogs?

Once again, although salmon oil is an entirely safe supplement for your pet, we advise consulting with your vet before offering it your pet. 

We suggest this because if your dog suffers from a severe disease, adding supplements can do more harm than good. 

Otherwise, salmon oil, especially Brilliant Salmon Oil, is a fantastic product that makes thousands of dogs happy every day!

As soon as you purchase your first bottle of salmon oil, make sure to read the label. 

Top tip: Storing at room temperature is the best choice for Brilliant Salmon oil.

You can add salmon oil to your dog’s food every day, but make sure to follow our tips. Also, add the salmon oil gradually because our little buddies often dislike changes. 

If your dog shows some adverse effects, contact your vet. 

But, from our happy customers, we notice that consistent use of salmon oil during a period of 1 month can lead to improved overall health. 

Most dogs like it when the oil is pumped over their food. 

Extra info: Salmon oil is a better choice than salmon oil capsules. Dogs don’t like pills and try to avoid them at all costs, so you will do a favor to your dog if you purchase an oil form!

Thanks to Brilliant’s purity, there is no need to store it in the fridge. It has a 4-year-long shelf life before opening. Once you open the bottle, you can use it within the next 4 months. 

How Much Salmon Oil to Give Your Dog?

The Brilliant Salmon Oil bottle contains 300 pumps (small bottle) and 1000 pumps (large bottle). 

We advise at most 12 pumps per day. Also, make sure to start with smaller doses in the beginning. 

We usually recommend 1 pump per 3kg (6.6 lb). You can use the fish oil dosage calculator to make your job easier. It will help you identify the dose yourself.

Top tip: Be extra careful with the dosage. Higher amounts of omegas can lead to side effects like gastrointestinal issues (vomiting, diarrhea) and increased risk for obesity.

Tips on How to Find the Best Salmon Oil 

Finding the best salmon oil on the market is demanding for most pet owners. Many manufacturers tend to hide their label ingredients, and this is a good sign for you. 

Brilliant Salmon Oil is a reputable brand that improves the overall health of many pets. 

Here are some of our best tips when finding the best salmon oil for your pet: 

  • Avoid manufacturers that use micro/molecular distillation
  • Pick salmon oil that contains natural levels of astaxanthin
  • Find a salmon oil with traceable origins
  • Pick a salmon oil with minimum chemical processing levels
  • Find a salmon oil with a good taste for your pet
  • Pick an oil with a very light smell and colour (that means it’s fresh!)

Be especially careful about the taste and smell. Considering the other more concerning tips, it might seem irrelevant, but our pets must first approve of the taste. 

What Makes Brilliant Salmon Oil Different From Others?

Brilliant Salmon Oil is made from fresh Atlantic salmon

The team of Brilliant Salmon Oil found a safe way to use fresh offcuts and turn them into high-quality ingredients. 

The salmon offcuts are free from toxins and heavy metals. 

It is produced from the pristine fjords of Norway, and the final product is a fresh and highly nutritious food topper for pets. 

This product is 100% natural and unrefined oil. In reality, Brilliant’s whole production process is straightforward, making it unique and natural. 

It is made with no micro/molecular distillation and contains much more than just EPA and EHA. Most other fish oils use a chemical process to clean and purify the oil, and this procedure damages the vital fish fatty acids. 

Brilliant contains the full spectrum of omegas and fatty acids found in the salmon because of the gentle liberation method that is used.

Additionally, it is free from any nasties. No artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives are required. 

During the process of producing Brilliant, no excess heat or chemicals are used. 

It is a fresh product that has fantastic taste. That is why your pet can enjoy it daily. 

It has a mild and fresh taste closest to real salmon. 

Since smell is equally important as taste, you can be sure that your pet will love the fresh smell. 

Last but not least, the beautiful salmon-orange color shows the freshness of this product. Its color is because of the quality and purity of the fresh salmon offcuts. 

Check out our Instagram page and see our happy customers!

Is Salmon Oil Good for Both Dogs and Cats? 

Yes, indeed! Both cats and dogs adore our salmon oil product. 

It brings as many benefits to cats as to dogs. 

You need to be careful about the dose in cats. Our advice is to start with half a pump. 

You can gradually increase the dose after your cat gets used to it. 

We recommend: Consult a veterinarian before applying this salmon oil supplement to your cat!

To Wrap It Up! 

You can safely use salmon oil for your dog!

Brilliant Salmon Oil has some simple steps for proper usage. You need to be careful about the dose and the gradual adding. 

You will notice excellent benefits only 3-4 weeks after using it. 

If your dog suffers from some underlying health issue, consult your vet before using this product!

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