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Coconut Oil vs Salmon Oil For Dogs

Coconut Oil vs Salmon Oil For Dogs: The 5 Things You Need to Know

Coconut oil vs. salmon oil: what’s the difference? 

Both are excellent supplements for your pet and bring many health benefits. 

While salmon oil mainly offers important anti-inflammatory properties, coconut oil is excellent for combating viral, bacterial, and parasitic diseases. 

So which oil should you pick for your four-legged friend? 

Let’s explore the main benefits of coconut and salmon oil where we’ll cover off on the 5 key comparisons between these popular oil supplements for dogs!


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What Is Coconut Oil?

Recently coconut oil has become a very popular ingredient in almost every household. 

However, there is a huge debate about whether this supplement is healthy or not. 

Coconut oil is extracted from coconut “meat”. It’s an excellent source of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs), which is 80-90% saturated fat. The main negative to embracing coconut oil on a regular basis is this type of fatty acids are very calorific. So, use in moderation to avoid a porky pooch!

These MCFAs include: 

  • Lauric acid
  • Caprylic acid
  • Capric acid

Out of these 3 MCFAs, lauric acid is the most important due to its antibacterial properties. These acids are easily converted into energy, so don’t be surprised if you see your lazy dog jumping around after consumption. 

Since the fats are made of single carbon bonds, the oil is not prone to oxidation or free-radical formation. 

Fun fact: Coconut oil does not need to be stored in a fridge. It shows no signs of rancidity up to 3 years of storage.


Overall, coconut oil is effective when used against: 

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Yeasts
  • Fungi
  • Parasites

Additionally, coconut oil has been proven as a strong metabolism booster and antioxidant. Therefore, regular usage of coconut oil might lead to better cellular function, immune system, and normal brain function. 

Although many nutritionists claim that coconut oil can improve heart health, I would check twice with a vet and confirm whether it is safe for your pet. 

According to some studies, a high intake of coconut oil might increase total cholesterol and triglycerides. However, it all depends on the dose. Some studies say completely the opposite. 

Our advice: Before purchasing coconut oil, consult with your vet and check if your pet can safely consume coconut oil


On top of the many health benefits, coconut oil can improve the coat and skin, improve digestion, and is well-known protector against fleas and ticks. 

Additionally, coconut oil can reduce allergic reactions, edema, insect bites, and wounds.

Interesting fact: Coconut oil is sometimes used for treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome


What Is Salmon Oil?

Salmon oil, like coconut oil, is associated with many health benefits for dogs and cats. 

Where it quickly differs versus coconut oil is that it consists of super healthy fatty acids and Omega 3 polyunsaturated fats.

Salmon oil consists of 3 types of Omega 3s, including:

  • EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid)
  • DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)
  • ALA (alpha lipoic acid). 

Since salmon oil consists of double carbon bonds, it is more unstable and prone to oxidation. In simple terms, that means salmon oil can more easily go off!

That’s why it’s very important to store your salmon oil properly. The product is also light and heat sensitive so keep it in a cool dark place, like a cupboard.

Did you know? Brilliant Salmon Oil uses the freshest salmon offcuts which means it has a market-leading shelf life of 3.5 years! It’s also contained in a clear UV-protected bottle for safe storage.


Salmon oil has many benefits, including: 

  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • Keeps healthy cardiovascular system 
  • Improves brain function and eye function
  • Improves mobility
  • Helps give your dog a shiny coat and softer paws

It is normal that our pets sometimes don’t get the proper nutrition through their food. But this does not have to be the end of the matter. 

You can always improve your dog’s nutrition with some supplements. For example, with high-quality salmon oil, your dog can enjoy all the benefits of Omega fatty acids.

Brilliant Salmon Oil is made from nutritious and super fresh salmon offcuts and your pet can enjoy the taste of 100% pure salmon oil.

This human-grade and nutritious food topper is enjoyed by many pets worldwide. Each bottle of this salmon oil is uniquely made with all 21 omegas and fatty acids which are found in salmon, not just EPA, DPA and DHA.

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5 Key Comparisons of Coconut Oil vs Salmon Oil for Dogs

Feature   Salmon Oil   Coconut Oil 
 Fatty Acids Long-chain omega-3s  Medium-chain triglycerides 
 Omega 3 Content  Rich None 
 Flavour Mild salmon/fish flavour (liked by dogs) Strong coconut flavour (neutral/negative flavour for dogs
 Oxidation  Prone to oxidation if stored/produced incorrectly Not prone to oxidation 
 Digestibility Highly digestible  Highly digestible but can cause laxative effects 

#1 Fatty Acids

Coconut oil consists of medium-chain triglycerides (mainly lauric acid), while salmon oil consists of long-chain Omega 3s. 

While lauric acid has perfect antimicrobial properties, the long-chain fatty acids from salmon oil will provide your dog with the essential Omega 3s. These fatty acids are not produced by animals, so your dog will indeed benefit from the salmon oil. 

Important note: Both oils are beneficial for dogs, and your choice should be based on your dog’s needs. 

#2 Omega 3 Content

Coconut oil primarily provides easily digestible energy and antimicrobial properties. However, it doesn’t contain any omegas or fatty acids.

Salmon oil is the solution if you want to add Omega 3s to your pet’s diet. Brilliant Salmon oil is the perfect choice, too. It not only contains Omega 3, but also Omega 6, 9 and all other fatty acids found in fresh salmon! 

EPA and DHA are the main sources of Omega 3s in salmon oil. They provide a range of benefits, including:

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Better coat
  • Increased energy
  • Soft paws

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#3 Flavor

Coconut and salmon oils provide two different flavors. Coconut oil offers a mild flavor that many dogs find acceptable but it does have that distinct ‘coconut’ taste. 

In contrast, salmon oil has a mild fishy flavor. Many pet parents that struggle with their pet’s appetite use salmon oil to improve the taste of their dog’s food. 

Top tip: Introduce your pet gradually to new food, no matter what the food is. This way, you will avoid an upset stomach or  a surprise allergic reaction. 


#4 Oxidation

Both oils can undergo an oxidation process, depending on their quality. 

Salmon oil is generally more prone to oxidation and has a shorter shelf life. But, coconut oil can also undergo oxidation if it is low quality or not stored properly. 

Side note: Follow our instructions for storing, and you will not face any issues with oxidation. Moreover, Brilliant’s incredible 3.5 year shelf life means you’ll never have a problem with rancidity or other issues.


#5 Digestibility

Generally, both coconut and salmon oil are highly digestible. 

But, coconut oil can act as a laxative if consumed excessively. The main symptoms are diarrhea, loose stool, vomiting, or pancreatitis. 

On the other side, salmon oil is also highly digestible but doesn’t show any significant side effects regarding digestibility. After the long-chain Omega 3s are broken down, the salmon oil is easily absorbed and used properly by the dog’s body. 

Coconut Oil vs Salmon Oil: The Decision Is Yours!

No matter what your pick is, just ensure that the oil you purchase is of high quality. 

Brilliant Salmon Oil is the perfect product for your pet to enjoy all Omega 3s. It is 100 % pure Norwegian salmon oil, grown using non-GMO feed, and no antibiotics are used ever. 

Many pet parents across the world are enjoying the benefits of Brilliant Salmon Oil. So what are you waiting for!

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