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fish oil dosage calculator for dogs

Fish Oil Dosage Calculator For Dogs: Finding The Best Dosage For Your Pet

Since fish oil for dogs and cats has become highly popular, many pet owners are looking for the right dosage. The fish oil dosage calculator is a useful starting point to finding the right dosage for your pet!

But bear in mind that in some cases, consultation with a professional is needed.

In general, the recommended fish oil dosage for dogs or cats is 1 ml for every 3 kg of your pet’s weight. 

Proper dosing is extremely important since too much salmon or fish oil might lead to some serious side effects. Also, the right doses have the full potential for fish oil’s health benefits. 

Let’s dig deeper!

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What Is Fish Oil? 

Fish oil is a great omega-rich supplement that is derived from fresh fish. Salmon oil is one such example, and Brilliant Salmon Oil offers one of the highest quality oils you can give to your pet.

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Fish oil in general is becoming very popular in veterinary medicine due to its amazing benefits. 

Fish oil is extremely rich in omegas and fatty acids, including: 

ALA cannot be properly metabolized by dogs; that’s why we will focus more on EPA and DHA. 

More About Omega 3s

Omegas are healthy fats that offer many benefits for both humans and dogs. 

They have natural anti-inflammatory properties and pain relief functions. 

The omega intake can improve your pet’s overall health. Even if your pet is not suffering from any disease, omegas can positively impact your pet.

Your job is only to find a tasty and natural supplement! Leave the rest to the supplement! 

Brilliant Salmon Oil is a great marine-based supplement that offers amazing benefits. 

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How Much Omega 3s Does My Dog Need Daily?

In high school, you probably thought, “I don’t like math. I will never use it anyways”. Well, if you are a pet parent, you might need some basic math knowledge to calculate the omega intake for your dog. 

The formula is very simple, but still, you need some basic knowledge. If you prefer, there is an online salmon oil dosage calculator that can do the job for you!

Weight (lbs) / 6.6 = Total dose (ml)

For the case of Brilliant Salmon Oil, we recommend a dose of 1ml per 6.6lbs (3kg) of your pet’s body weight.

Handy fact: Brilliant Salmon Oil’s pump conveniently deploys 1ml for every pump, making it super simple to give your pet the right dose every time!

However, be aware that this is a recommended dose for the average pet. An optimal dose can vary based on the therapeutic purpose. That is why it is extremely important to properly diagnose your pet. 

Fish Oil Dosage Calculator For Dogs and Cats

Simply enter your pet’s weight below in the fish oil dosage calculator. 

It will calculate the recommended salmon oil dose for you. This is based on Brilliant’s standard recommended dose.

And remember, for Brilliant Salmon Oil, 1 pump is equal to 1ml of salmon oil!

Fish Oil Dosage Calculator for Dogs

Recommended fish oil dosage for your dog: mL per day

Omega 3 Dosing Table: 

An alternative way to quickly assess the correct salmon oil dosage for your dog or cat is to refer to the dosing table below:

Body weight (lbs) Body weight (kg) Recommended Daily Dose (ml) Number of Pumps (1ml = 1 pump)
3 1.4 0.5 0.5
5 2.3 0.8 1
10 4.5 1.5 2
15 6.8 2.3 2
20 9.1 3.0 3
25 11.3 3.8 4
30 13.6 4.6 5
35 15.9 5.3 5
40 18.1 6.0 6


Top tip: To get the right dosing, consult with your vet. Dogs that suffer from some diseases or have a history of diseases might have different dosing recommendations. 

EPA and DHA Dosing Benefits

According to the National Research Council (NRC) and the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), dietary fattty acids lead to

  • Energy boosting 
  • Fat-soluble vitamin absorption 
  • Modulating inflammation 
  • Promote healthy growth 
  • Skin and coat health improvement
  • Precursing eicosanoids and prostaglandins

EPA and DHA belong to the omega-3 essential fatty acids together with ALA. 

EPA and DHA can be found in marine-based products, like fish oil and phytoplanktons. 

Since the conversion of ALA to EPA and DHA is very poor, there are some dietary requirements for pets. 

But these requirements are different according to the different life stages. For example, small puppies need more EPA and DHA than adults. 

Reminder: If dogs don’t get enough EPA and DHA, some neurologic and visual abnormalities can be seen. 

Which Other Products Contain Omegas?

Dogs need many nutrients for their overall health, and omegas are part of them. 

However, omegas are not only found in fish. Many plant and animal-based products contain omegas which leads to many benefits.

Some of the most famous animal products that contain omegas are: 

Salmon with skin

Salmon contains 0 g of carbohydrates, making it a great pet product. 

The salmon can be given cooked or in the form of capsules or oil. No matter what form of salmon oil you prefer, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s guide. 

For example, Brilliant Salmon Oil is a great and natural product. However, you must use this product sparingly. The daily recommended dose for Brilliant is 1 pump per 6.6 lb (3kg).

After 2-4 weeks of using this product, you will notice healthy skin and coat and better overall mood and health.  

Our advice: Never give salmon in raw form. Raw salmon is hazardous and potentially toxic. Also, if it is cooked, make sure to cook it without any spices and additives.

Cod with skin

Codfish is an excellent alternative to salmon and fish oil. Its oil also contains appropriate amounts of omegas. 

Cod is sourced from oily fish, from the liver of the cod family. 

The good news is that it contains less fat than other marine-based products. 

It contains vitamins A and D, as well as a lot of DHA and EPA. 

Marine-based products are especially recommended for aging dogs. 


In humans, sardines are considered cardiometabolic regulators with pro-inflammatory backgrounds. 

Its nutrients modulate inflammation and oxidative stress in the cardiovascular system. 

We are not promising that your pet will love sardines, but we can promise you amazing benefits after all that omega-3 intake. 

On the other side, the most famous plant-based and omega-rich foods for pets are: 


Besides omegas, flaxseeds contain phytochemicals with terpenoids that have amazing bioactive properties. 

We doubt that your dog will take flaxseeds without a problem. Therefore, we recommend buying flaxseed oil as an alternative. 

Flaxseed oil can support the skin and coat and has great concentrations of ALA. 

Chia seeds

Feeding chia is a great alternative to fish and brings many health benefits.

Although we are talking about tiny food, chia seeds contain amazing content of omegas which are safe for dogs. 

You can incorporate chia seeds into your pet’s bowl or some dog recipes. 

Is Fish Oil Dosing Important in Cats?

Yes! Fish oil in cats brings many health benefits. Just like in dogs, fish oil needs to be dosed appropriately. Otherwise, too much fish oil can lead to some adverse effects. 

You need adequate doses to get the desired results. 

It is well known that cats are huge fish fans, so you won’t face issues while supplementing your cat. 

However, we advise giving the fish oil gradually so you can avoid some side effects. 

After your cat gets the diagnosis, you can start dosing appropriately. 

Even if your cat is completely healthy, omegas and fish are recommended. In such cases, you just need to follow the manufacturer’s guide and dose adequately. 

To Sum Up: How Important is Fish Oil Dosing in Dogs?

Fish oil dosing is crucial for getting the desired results. 

Different health issues require different dosing, so the first step for you would be getting a diagnosis for your pet. 

If some of our calculations confuse you, we advise consulting a vet. In the end, your vet knows your pet more than anyone. 

Even though we mentioned the recommended doses, we still advise gradual supplementing.

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