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science backed benefits of salmon oil for dogs

Discover the 9 Science-Backed Benefits of Salmon Oil for Dogs

Salmon oil has become very popular in both human and veterinary medicine thanks to its high content of omega fatty acids. 

Maintaining a balanced diet in pets is tough. Therefore, more and more pet parents try to focus on supplementation. 

Finding good quality salmon oil can help your dog get the daily dose of healthy fats. Why not try Brilliant salmon oil for dogs and cats to help you achieve this.

Let’s look at the 9 amazing and science-backed benefits of salmon oil for dogs!

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What Is Salmon Oil for Dogs?

Salmon oil is derived from fresh salmon and consists of healthy fats known as omega-3 fatty acids. This includes:

  • EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid)
  • DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)
  • ALA (alpha lipoic acid). 

These omegas are not naturally produced in your pet’s body, so your dog can benefit from taking salmon oil. 

Dogs that don’t eat fish frequently can benefit from this supplement.  

Interesting fact: Only 10-20% of us humans eat enough fish. So, no wonder this product became crazy popular among humans, not just pets.

It is well known that dogs aren’t huge fans of eating fish, unlike cats. Adding some new food to achieve a normal and balanced omega intake is a nightmare for many parents. 

For example, dogs that suffer from arthritis are great candidates for consuming food with high content of omegas. But don’t think it will be easy-peasy! 

Even if you start giving the omega-rich food gradually, your dog might dislike it. 

But don’t despair, Brilliant salmon oil has a delicious fresh taste that dogs and cats love. It can be a great substitute for such food. 

Be sure to choose a reputable brand when buying salmon oil. Unfortunately, many salmon oil brands have contaminants like heavy metals. 

Brilliant Salmon Oil is a great choice as it is free from any nasties such as chemicals or heavy metals. This product has a very simple journey: from fjord to bottle. It is produced sustainably from farmed fish, and the salmon is carefully selected and processed locally. 

9 Main Benefits of Salmon Oil For Dogs

Even if your pet is completely healthy, adding salmon oil to its diet is the best thing you can do! 

Its omegas can lead to some amazing benefits. Be aware that if your pet suffers from some specific disease, you should consult your vet.  

Important info: Serious diseases can slow down the effect of salmon oil. So, consult your vet about the right dose before adding them to your pet’s diet.

Let’s take a look at the main benefits of salmon oil for dogs! 

1. Improved cognitive function

DHA can significantly lead to better cognitive and neurological development. DHA and EPA are also related to lipid peroxidation, which leads to normal body weight and bone formation. 

Dogs that receive DHA and EPA during gestation and lactation have better-developed puppies.

Besides the improved cognitive function, these puppies have better hip joint conformation.

Puppies that receive DHA supplements during breeding can perform better on cognitive tests. It is important to supplement your puppy from a young age to shape their physical and cognitive abilities. 

DHA’s role is also to improve learning abilities. Although your dog won’t go to college, it will contribute positively to their training and socialization. 

These puppies can learn commands much faster than puppies that don’t get supplements. 

Omegas can also contribute to better focus, attention, and cognitive flexibility. Most importantly, your puppy will have improved mood and well-being.

2. Improved mobility

Salmon oil and its omegas can lead to better joint lubrication and movement. So, if you have an active dog, salmon oil is a great suggestion for you. 

On the other side, salmon oil is highly recommended for dogs that suffer from arthritis.  

Top tip: If your dog suffers from arthritis, consult your veterinarian for the dosage. Usually, dogs with underlying diseases should receive higher amounts of omegas.

According to studies, arthritic dogs that are supplemented with omega-3 fatty acids can improve their physical ability and decrease overall lameness much faster compared to unsupplemented dogs. 

The role of omegas is to decrease inflammation in arthritic joints and enzyme regulation in arthritic joints. 

During the aging process, many dogs can face osteoarthritis issues, so supplementing with omegas is never a bad idea. Omegas can reduce joint stiffness and lubricate the joints at the same time. 

Must know: Some dog breeds are prone to genetic joint issues. So, adding salmon oil from a young age can promote better joint health. 

3. Shiny coat and moisturized skin 

A shiny coat can be seen after 2-4 weeks of using salmon oil. Remember that a shiny coat is not attractive to fleas, so that’s another reason to use Brilliant. 

Studies show that healthy fats can lead to better skin and coat after 28 days.

Omegas can keep the skin cell structure and function. According to Brilliant’s customers, coats comb out easier and less dead fur is seen. 

Since the skin gets moisturized, itching and dryness can be reduced. Then, the hair follicles regenerate and lead to a shinier coat.

Because the hair follicle integrity is kept, excessive shedding can be stopped. 

Another benefit is that omegas have anti-inflammatory properties. This will reduce any inflammatory process on the skin and lead to healthier and glossier skin and coats. 

Omegas are advised if dogs suffer from some skin diseases. However, we advise consulting with your vet before adding salmon oil in such cases. 

4. Boosted immunity

Many vitamins, minerals, proteins, polysaccharides, polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), carotenoids, and probiotics are available in aquatic organisms. So, consuming marine products leads to boosting immunity.

Boosted immunity can be beneficial while protecting from various infections. Dogs are exposed to many threats daily; therefore, we recommend supplementing your pet. 

Salmon oil is especially useful for chronic diseases. Over time, these diseases seriously affect the immune system, so adding salmon oil can protect your pet’s immune system. 

Brilliant is made with OmeGo, which has shown to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. 

Its omegas modulate the immune response and promote better overall health. Additionally, salmon oil supplements have antioxidant benefits which neutralize free radicals in the body.

5. Improved metabolism 

EPA and DHA have several advantages for gastrointestinal issues in dogs. 

First of all, they regulate the energy balance and maintain a healthy weight. Although weight gain can be seen due to salmon oil supplementation, it is not the case with Brilliant. 

Brilliant’s manufacturing process is very carefully done, and the chances of weight gain are almost zero. 

Studies show that salmon oil supplementation has anti-obesity effects and reduces insulin sensitivity. That’s why many vets recommend salmon oil for dogs that suffer from diabetes. 

Salmon oil is especially useful for ageing dogs because it will support their metabolism. It will provide them with extra energy due to its ingredients. 

Most importantly, salmon oil has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation. It also supports overall metabolic health. 

6. Eye health support 

Supplementing pets during gestation and lactation with omegas is very important. DHA contributes to brain and eye health for the future litter.

DHA reaches maximum in early adulthood and gradually decreases with the ageing process. That’s why it is important to supplement your pet with salmon oil throughout its whole life.

Some of the most common eye-related health issues are: 

  • Glaucoma 
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Cataracts

Usually, these issues begin when dogs age. Also, some dog breeds are genetically prone to these diseases.  

Top tip: Before buying or adopting any dog breed, make sure to research carefully about it.

EPA and DHA are what give all marine-based oils their curing properties. Their main function is treating inflammatory eye diseases

Such oils can protect your dog from dry eyes and macular degeneration. 

Take note: Cataracts are often untreatable, and the only treatment solution is surgery. Therefore, don’t expect too much if you start adding a few pumps of salmon oil into your dog’s bowl.

7. Improved cardiovascular health 

Omega-3 fatty acids are highly recommended for cardiovascular health. However, they might have some adverse effects if the dogs suffer from certain cardiovascular diseases. 

So, adding salmon oil to improve your pet’s heart is not so simple. You need to carefully consult with your vet and check your pet’s overall health. 

Omegas can also lower triglyceride levels. Salmon oil can increase good cholesterol levels and clear the bad cholesterol from the bloodstream. 

This way, salmon oil maintains healthy heart function and lowers the risk of heart-related diseases. 

One important benefit is that omegas prevent platelet clumping. This improves the circulation and prevents blood clots. 

Key fact: In humans, omegas are highly recommended for people who suffer from high blood pressure.

8. Allergies support 

Although antihistamines are the most recommended for allergies, salmon oil and its omegas are great support treatment for allergies.

First of all, we suggest determining the cause of itching or allergies. Very often, excessive itching is a sign of pruritis or allergies.

We advise allergy testing to determine the real cause and get more successful treatment. 

If you ignore the itching, it can eventually do a lot of harm! Excessive itching can lead to secondary wounds that can be painful for the dog. 

Therefore any itching or unusual behaviour should be carefully checked and diagnosed. 

Omegas create an extra layer on the skin, and additionally, they moisturize the skin. 

But allergies are not just skin reactions! Allergies can do much more harm. 

Some allergies lead to respiratory issues, such as asthma. In these cases, omegas are also recommended. 

If the dog has asthma, it usually suffers from some inflammatory process. But no worries!

Salmon oil has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce the symptoms of it.

Once again, allergies cannot be treated with supplements! Fully resolving an allergy is a very demanding process and requires a lot of attention. 

9. Alleviating inflammation 

Inflammation is the natural response of organisms when they fight infections. If the infection persists for a long time, it is a chronic infection. 

Chronic infections can lead to serious diseases that can affect any bodily system.

So, inflammation and alleviating inflammation are the key points of any disease. 

It’s okay to let the organism fight for a while, but after some time, if the symptoms continue, something has to be done. 

Salmon oil can help in alleviating inflammation during:

  • Joint diseases
  • Skin diseases
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Allergies 
  • Respiratory issues
  • Cardiovascular diseases

Alleviating inflammation during joint diseases can lead to better mobility and better joint function. 

Skin inflammations and allergies can be very disturbing, and salmon oil can reduce excessive itching, improve skin texture, and lead to a shinier coat. 

Gastrointestinal inflammation can lead to some side effects, such as constipation, diarrhea, and vomiting. All these side effects lead to serious inflammation, and salmon oil can help in reducing it. 

Respiratory diseases and cardiovascular diseases can be caused by chronic infections. Salmon oil can significantly alleviate inflammation no matter the cause.

Why Is Brilliant Salmon Oil Different From Other Oils?

Brilliant is a 100% natural, unrefined salmon oil made from fresh offcuts.

It is a human-grade, fresh, and nutritious food topper that many pets around the world enjoy it. 

Brilliant Salmon Oil is a pure, unrefined, and gently-liberated product with zero additives. 

Additionally, no excessive heat and no chemicals are used while making this product. 

This product has won many awards for its quality, including: 

  • Dog & Cat Supplement
  • Editor’s Choice Awards
  • New Product Award

Brilliant is made with OmeGo, which has clinically proven effects and consists of fresh, clean, and raw materials.

Can Salmon Oil Help Reduce My Dog’s Itchy Skin? 

Salmon oil can significantly improve itchiness in dogs and their skin texture. 

Inflammatory processes are common if your dog suffers from bacterial or yeast skin infection. So, its EPA and DHA can help in reducing inflammation. 

Make sure you detect the real cause of itchiness in your dog. If there is a severe microbial infection, your dog needs additional support besides supplements. 

Usually, in cases of bacteria and yeasts, vets recommend long antibiotic treatments. Skin infections can be a nightmare for owners due to the long treatment process. 

Itching can be caused by seasonal allergies or environmental allergies. In such cases, antihistamines should be prescribed. 

We advise testing to ensure that your pet suffers from allergies. 

Atopic dermatitis and pruritis are other causes of itching. Besides the supplements, vets might prescribe your pet glucocorticosteroids.

Are There Side Effects to Using Salmon Oil? 

There are a few side effects of using salmon oil for pets. However, be aware that these side effects usually occur in cases of overdosing. 

These are the potential side effects of using too much salmon oil: 

  • Hypervitaminosis D
  • Vomiting 
  • Diarrhoea
  • Smelly breath 
  • Weight gain 
  • Itchy skin

High dosages of supplements rich in vitamin D can lead to hypervitaminosis.

This side effect is usually very rare. However, if you notice it, we advise smaller dosages. 

Vomiting and diarrhoea are also side effects of using salmon oil. These symptoms can be seen as soon as you start feeding your dog with salmon oil. 

Also, such symptoms can be a red flag for overdosing. Therefore, carefully read the label before adding salmon oil to your pet. 

But the good thing about omegas is that they can reduce signs of intestinal inflammation. Also, some of Brilliant’s customers report a reduced urge to vomit.

Smelly breath is another side effect, but this side effect can affect dogs at any time and is not always related to salmon oil. 

Weight gain can be noticed if the product contains some harmful ingredients. Natural components like the ones from Brilliant don’t cause weight gain. Instead, it has amazing gastrointestinal benefits.

The last side effect that is not very common is itchy skin. Itchiness is usually noticed if the pet is allergic to salmon oil.  

Our tip: Every pet supplement should be added gradually. This way, you can avoid many side effects. Also, be aware of giving the salmon oil as advised by the manufacturer. 

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Final Words: Benefits of Salmon Oil for Dogs

Salmon oil can bring many benefits to dogs. No matter if your dog suffers from some disease or not, salmon oil is of huge benefit to your dog. 

Although in many cases, salmon oil by itself is not enough. But good diagnosis and proper treatment are the key points for a healthy dog. 

Be aware that treating some diseases can be long-term and tiring for both you and your pet. But remember that the right therapy and this supplement will give amazing results. 

Our #1 recommendation is Brilliant Salmon Oil due to its amazing ingredients and many satisfied customers. This salmon oil has something unique that makes it better than other salmon oils. 

So what are you waiting for? Purchase your bottle today and enjoy plenty of benefits with your dog!

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