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Salmon Oil vs Fish Oil for Dogs

Salmon Oil vs. Fish Oil For Dogs: 9 Key Factors To Consider

Struggling to decide between salmon oil or fish oil for your dog? We’ve done the research and share our findings below!

It’s important to know the nine main differences between these supplements for dogs, and know why some are worth avoiding. 

Salmon oil has many advantages over fish oil for your pet. And in particular, Brilliant Salmon Oil comes out on top if you’re looking for the freshest, tastiest and most sustainable salmon oil. It offers so many health benefits for your pooch!

Let’s dive in and find out the main differences between salmon and fish oil.

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What Is Fish Oil for Dogs?

Regarding humans, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Regarding dogs, “omega-3 per day keeps the veterinary away”.

Many food manufacturers try to add fish oil into commercially bought food. It is a great supplement that is rich in Omega 3s. There are 3 types of Omega 3s, including:

  • EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid)
  • DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)
  • ALA (alpha lipoic acid)

When reading the fish oil labels, keep an eye on the EPA and DHA levels. ALA is irrelevant since dogs cannot adequately metabolize this acid.  

Fish oil supports dogs’ health in various ways thanks to its EPA and DHA content. Here are some of the benefits of consuming fish oil: 

  • Improves heart health 
  • Promotes silky coat 
  • Reduces itchiness
  • Relieves joint pain 

Since dogs cannot produce these omega-3s, you can treat your canine friend with some good fish oil. 

However, to make fish oil, manufacturers source a variety of wild-caught fish (tuna, herring, anchovies, mackerel) and put them through multiple chemical procedures.

Why is this? Wild deep-sea fish can contain dangerous levels of heavy metals and toxic chemicals.

Side note: Dogs should consume 75-100 mg / kg of good quality fish oil. Some dogs can have difficulties getting used to it, however. In that case, the vet should lower the daily dose.

The maximum dosage for dogs with osteoarthritis per day is 310 mg / kg of EPA/DHA. Higher amounts may cause side effects like vomiting, diarrhea, and a risk for obesity.


What Is Salmon Oil for Dogs?

Salmon oil for dogs is a food supplement rich in Omega-3 fatty acids sourced only from salmon. 

Basically, salmon oil is another way for dogs to satisfy their omega-3 fatty acids needs. 

Therefore, it is an excellent source of EPA and DHA, which are not normally produced in the dog’s body. 

Although salmon oil is an excellent supplement for dogs, it should not be used as a replacement for a balanced diet. 

Our advice: Ensure you buy products with an ingredient list on their label. Some manufacturers tend to hide the nutritional value of essential ingredients like EPA and DHA.

Also, ensure you don’t give your dog more than the recommended dose for Omega-3 acids. Too much fish oil can make your dog sick!

What Are the Main Benefits of Fish Oil or Salmon Oil for Your Dog?

Many studies show that fish and salmon oil are treasures for dogs’ health. 

Bear in mind that different health conditions require different EPA and DHA dosing. Therefore, if you are considering fish or salmon oil for your dog, make sure you consult with your vet before purchasing. 

Let’s take a glance and discover the main benefits of using fish and salmon oil.

Common benefits of fish oil and salmon oil

Both salmon and fish oil are proven to be excellent supplements for the following health issues: 

  • Dermatologic (skin)
  • Cardiovascular (heart)
  • Renal
  • Lipid and metabolic disorders
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Cancer

Benefits of fish oil

Here are some attributes that you may see on some fish oil supplements:

  • Heart protection
  • Supportive for dogs with allergies
  • Slows down the kidney disease progression 
  • Keeps healthy blood triglyceride levels 

Benefits of salmon oil

Brilliant Salmon Oil is one of the highest quality products available on the market. This tasty food topper has many benefits for dogs, and we highlight some of them below: 

  • Enhancing appetite 
  • Shiny coat
  • Softer paws
  • Increased energy
  • Improved locomotory system – healthy joints
  • Improved cardiovascular system – healthy heart

Salmon oil vs fish oil for dogs: comparing across 9 key factors

The table below provides a basic summary of the main differences between Brilliant Salmon Oil vs Wild Salmon Oil, and vs Fish Oil:

Brilliant Salmon Oil (farmed from Norway) Wild Salmon Oil Fish Oil
Omega Fatty Acid content 550mg per g, & all 21 omega fatty acids 190-400mg per g, commonly only EPA and DHA fatty acids 150-600 mg per 1 gram, commonly only EPA and DHA fatty acids
Freshness 100% pure and totally fresh High oxidation levels High oxidation levels
Toxicity No toxicity Sometimes high Sometimes high
Chemical processing Zero chemical processing Multi-stage including chelation Multi-stage including de-esterification and distillation
Colour Natural orange color Slight yellow colour Colorless
Taste Fresh salmon taste Very fishy taste Doesn’t smell like fish
Smell Fresh salmon smell Pungent Very mild
Fish traceability Traced from fjord to bottle From unconfirmed locations From unconfirmed locations
Sustainable sourcing Minimal environmental impact Risk of depleting wild populations Not sustainable

Let’s dive deeper and see what makes Brilliant Salmon Oil.. well, Brilliant!

More about Omega fatty acid content:

This salmon product contains all 21 Omega fatty acids. It includes a representative quantity of natural levels in whole fish. 

The most often talked about nutrients in Brilliant salmon oil are DHA, EPA, and DPA. These acids are enough to keep your canine friends’ coats soft, reduce itching, support joints, and maintain overall good health. 

Unlike many fish oil supplements for dogs, Brilliant contains more than just EPA and DHA. Micro/molecular distillation is a chemical procedure that many other companies use to de-toxify the oil. But it also removes vital fatty acids naturally found in fish. As a result of this process, EPA and DHA quantities get higher.

That’s why we warn you to carefully read the labels before purchasing any supplement.

Brilliant Salmon Oil is much more than just EPA and DHA. 

More about freshness:

Brilliant uses fresh salmon from traceable origins. The product is processed from fish to the bottle within 4 hours. 

The final product is 100% pure and smells fresh, thanks to the high salmon sourcing standards. The salmon is locally grown and passes through a short process to liberate the salmon oil. 

Brilliant will increase your pet’s appetite, and most importantly, it will give your pet more energy, a shinier coat, and softer paws.

Read more: Food and supplements that are fresh are much more attractive for pets. Both dogs and cats prefer a fresh smell rather than no smell (or a rancid smell).

Since the process of making Brilliant salmon oil is very quick, there is almost no oxidation. Conversely, generic fish and wild salmon oil have high oxidation. This is why tocopherols and other artificial preservatives are added, such as vitamins A and E.

Most manufacturers must use chemical processing to purify the oil. The proof is that their products contain 80% less astaxanthin than Brilliant. This compound is a powerful antioxidant which has a red pigment or carotenoid.


More about toxicity:

Brilliant is not heavily processed because the salmon offcuts are free from toxins or heavy metals. These nasties can build up in wild fish populations and require heavy processing to remove them. In fact, the Brilliant process is very simple, and the outcome is a fresh and natural product.

Although omega-3-rich oils are generally good additions to your furry friend’s diet, they can pose a danger, too.

Potential adverse effects include: 

  • Altered platelet function
  • Gastrointestinal side effects
  • Detrimental wound healing
  • Lipid peroxidation
  • Weight gain
  • Altered immune function 

We recommend: Always introduce your pet gradually to new supplements and food. If the product is not good, your dog’s facial expression will reveal it. Some dogs may immediately refuse to eat.


More about chemical processing levels:

When producing Brilliant Salmon Oil, it is gently liberated with no excessive heat and no chemicals. 

In contrast, many fish and wild salmon oil supplements lack the natural form of EPA and DHA due to the necessary heavy chemical processes. The process of transesterification leaves many fish supplements without any valuable nutrients at all! 

Did you know: According to a lawsuit from 2021, one fish oil was found that contains 0 mg of EPA and DHA due to a heavy chemical process.


More about the traceable source:

We produce Brilliant Salmon Oil with knowledge about its journey from fjord to bottle. The story of Brilliant starts in a small city situated on the coast of Western Norway called Aelesund. 

The fresh, raw, salmon offcuts combined with the patented production method results in a “one-of-a-kind product”

We source daily from nearby salmon farms, resulting in zero waste and a fully circular economy. 

Contrarily, wild and generic fish oils are made from fish from unconfirmed locations. This makes it impossible to know if the oil you are buying is produced in a sustainable way or not.

More about taste:

Taste comes down to freshness. Wild salmon and fish oil naturally require a long supply chain, with sometimes days of travel between production steps. As each hour passes, rancidity sets in and the taste potential declines. 

Brilliant on the other hand has a delicious taste for your cats and dogs to enjoy every day. This is because the freshest salmon are caught and processed from fish to bottle in just 4 hours. 

Of course that every vet product needs to be approved by veterinarians. But, additionally, it needs to be approved by our pets. 

Many dogs and cats around the world adore brilliant Salmon Oil. Check out our Instagram page and see our happy four-legged customers!

Salmon oil from farmed fish has the mildest, freshest, and closest taste to real salmon. 

On the other side, fish oil is highly processed and no longer tastes like fish at all. Wild salmon oil meanwhile has a very fishy smell and taste due to high oxidation levels. 

Remember: No matter how good a product claims to be, if your pet does not approve of its taste – it is over. With Brilliant, your pet will get many health benefits and additionally will enjoy the fantastic taste of fresh salmon.


More about the smell:

Your pets will enjoy a very light and fresh salmon smell with Brilliant Salmon Oil. An oil’s smell is equally important as its taste. 

Therefore, your pet will enjoy a high-quality product and a great smell and taste at the same time!

Fish oil has a very mild smell, while wild fish oil can be quite pungent. 

More about color:

The color speaks a lot when it comes to Brilliant. Its quality and purity are a result of the use of fresh salmon offcuts. The color is a beautiful salmon orange. This bright color shows its freshness as well as its natural origin.

Wild salmon and fish oil are off-yellow to colorless due to higher processing to remove their toxicity. 

More about sustainability:

Farmed salmon is produced with the lowest impact on the environment. The fish is carefully selected and processed locally. 

Wild salmon oil from places like Alaska contributes to the depletion of the wild salmon population. Fish oil similarly is a 100% deep ocean catch and is entirely unsustainable. 

Salmon Oil vs. Fish Oil: What is Your Pick?

In the end, we think farmed salmon oil such as Brilliant is the clear winner. 

Both salmon and fish oil are technically rich in Omega-3 acids. 

But if you want fresh, nutrient rich salmon oil that tastes delicious, Brilliant Salmon Oil is your choice. It will improve your pet’s overall health, boost their appetite, and it’s kinder to the planet.

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