Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late—Your Dog Needs This Now!

As a committed dog owner, you undoubtedly aim for excellence in every aspect of care for your cherished companion.

But are you truly covering all bases for their optimal health?

Beyond love and regular exercise, the cornerstone of your dog's vitality lies in superior nutrition—an area often overlooked yet crucial for their overall well-being.

The simple addition of salmon oil to your dog's diet can be transformative.

Essential fatty acids found in salmon oil, such as EPA and DHA, offer a multitude of health benefits that dog foods often lack.

From enhancing skin and coat quality to improving cognitive functions and reducing inflammatory responses, integrating salmon oil can dramatically elevate your dog’s health. 


🐾 Anti-Inflammatory: Omega-3 fatty acids in salmon oil are essential for reducing inflammation in dogs.

🐾 Arthritis Relief: Regular use of salmon oil can significantly ease joint stiffness associated with arthritis.

🐾 Enhanced Mobility: Improves overall mobility, allowing aging dogs to move more freely and comfortably.

Boost Your Dog's Brain and Heart Health with Essential Omega-3s for a Longer, Healthier Life!

🐾 Maintains Mental Acuity: Helps keep older dogs mentally sharp.

🐾 Promotes Heart Health: Omega-3 fatty acids are crucial for a smooth-running cardiovascular system.

🐾 Prevents Cardiac Issues: Aids in preventing heart-related problems.

Transform Your Dog's Coat with Omega-3 Rich Salmon Oil

🐾 Proven Benefits: Studies confirm omega-3 fatty acids significantly improve dogs' skin and coat health.

🐾 Enhanced Sheen: Provides the nutrients needed for a vibrant sheen.

🐾 Healthier Skin: Promotes healthier, less dry, and less flaky skin.

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Why Brilliant Salmon Oil is the BEST

Our oil is harvested exclusively from our facilities located in the pristine environment of Western Norway, ensuring a product that is not only fully traceable but also meets the highest standards of purity and sustainability.

We are committed to providing a 100% pure Norwegian Salmon Oil, NO GMOs or any artificial additives, which preserves the oil's natural golden hue, reflecting the premium quality of the product.

Recognizing that your pet deserves the best, our salmon oil is human-grade, the same quality you'd expect from supplements designed for human use.

Moreover, we package our salmon oil in special UV-protected bottles to protect it from light degradation, ensuring that every drop retains its potent health benefits.

This meticulous attention to detail guarantees that your pet is receiving a top-tier supplement to significantly enhance their health and vitality.



🐾 Prep your dog or cat’s daily food as usual

🐾 Take the bottle of salmon oil and pump once for every 3kg of your pet’s body weight (1 pump = 3kg)

🐾 Not sure about the right dosage? Try our fish oil dosage calculator!

🐾 Be sure to hold the bottle at only a slight angle (not more than 45°) for best pump results

🐾 If you like, stir the oil into the pet’s food to evenly distribute it

🐾 Serve the salmon oil-infused food to your dog, and watch them enjoy!





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