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CBD Oil for Tooth Pain: How It Works, Uses, Best Products

September 04 2022 By Brilliant Pet

Can you take CBD oil on a plane within the UK?

What if you’re flying into the UK?

Short answer:

You can fly with CBD oil provided you abide by the UK’s CBD laws and the airline’s liquid laws.

We’ll discuss the legality of flying with CBD in the UK, taking CBD on international flights, and whether you can take CBD in your hand luggage.

We’ll also highlight five travel-friendly CBD products and useful tips for flying with CBD.

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Can You Take CBD Oil on A Plane?
What the UK Law Says

Here’s what the UK law says about taking CBD oil on a flight:

A. Flying with CBD Oil Within The UK

You can take CBD on domestic flights in the UK if you abide by the airline’s liquid laws.
(More on airline laws later.)

But look:
Full-spectrum CBD products (even with trace amounts of THC) are illegal in the country.
So before you jump on your next domestic flight, ensure your CBD product has 0.0% THC content.
(Psst… Go for a THC-free CBD isolate or a broad-spectrum CBD product).

A reputable product will have clear and accurate information on its packaging. So if you’re unsure about the THC content, it’s best to leave your CBD product behind.

B. Flying with CBD Oil Into The UK

Provided the CBD product meets the UK CBD regulations (0.0% THC), you can bring it on the plane.
UK airports will be familiar with the current laws surrounding CBD.
Bottom line?

Whether you’re flying within or into the UK, ensure your CBD product complies with UK law and airline regulations. Check the CBD product’s packaging, the brand’s website, or the third-party lab report to be double-safe.

Read more: Curious about how different types of CBD relate to the THC level? Check out our complete guide on broad spectrum CBD, full spectrum CBD, and CBD isolate.

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